Euro Sports Scouting – How Does it work?
teamprocess-1First of all, if you’re not registered yet, Register Now. Once you are registered, this is how our service works: Important to know! We get asked all the time, What is the difference between us and Europlayers or EuroStopWatch? Our services are NOT LIKE Europlayers or EuroStopWatch.  The teams that belong to our site come to us for true accurate data and only top quality US Athletes.  Our evaluation system and scouting service will tell you if your good enough to play in Europe.  Players, teams will contact you if they are interested in your playing ability.  We are a marketing service that helps you get noticed around the world. We have placed over 10,000+ players since 1997.  No other firm can say this.  ESS has an experienced staff of ex NFL and CFL players/coaches as well as player personnel directors that are helping grow football around the world.  We are an elite service and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.  Here are a few things you will need to do and know before getting signed with a team.
Let us explain the differences:

  1. ESS owner played and coached in 3 different European countries.
  2. ESS has contracted with Velocity Sports Performance nationally to certify all our players times.
  3. ESS does a fully certified FBI background check on every player that purchases the EuroCombine Package.
  4. ESS gives a wonderlic test to all players so teams can see player cognitive ability.
  5. You can talk to the ESS owner any time by calling 704-778-1383.  No other service has a phone number on their site.
  6. Ex-NFL and CFL players work for or are affiliated with ESS
  7. ESS has relationships with agents or agencies for opportunities in the NFL or CFL.
  8. ESS has been in business since 1997 (NO OTHER SERVICE HAS BEEN DOING THIS LONGER)

Please understand our rules:

  1. You must get a passport!  If you do not have a Passport you can not leave this country hence you will not play overseas. This may seem like a no brainer but too many players miss opportunities to play because they do not have one or their passports are not ready in time. Also an American player that had a parent who were born in Europe maybe eligible to obtain an EU passport. This is an easier way to play in Europe. Check with your local counties embassy or consulate for rules in getting a dual passport.
  2. Complete your profile Complete accurately. You have one chance to impress coaches and teams look for elite players. Ultimately we will discover if you have fabricated your stats.
  3. Upload game film. You can upload up to 10 highlight and/or game films.  On all film make sure that you are highlighted every play. You don’t need music. It is an evaluation tool for teams only. Upload your films on YouTube and enter your YouTube Id on your profile on Euro Sports Scouting.
  4. Display photos, one of which shows your face. Teams feel more comfortable doing business with athletes they can see.
  5. Have a coach write an honest assessment about your playing ability.
  6. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are not an agency but your best source of information for your sport in Europe.
  7. Finally, be reasonable about your expectations. The income can vary from 500 to 2000 euro’s depends on country, team, division and sponsorship money. However, 90% of teams provide airfare, housing, local transportation, gym membership, healthcare, cell phone and reasonable monthly expenses and meals.