Our Players Process

ESS is a full service marketing and Combine testing company. We provide players with the best marketing exposure overseas and through out the world guaranteed.

First steps to playing professionally overseas is to signup for one of our membership packages. You will start by making a player profile. You will input all your personal and football data which the teams will review. Here is where you really sell yourself. You also need to upload clear pictures of yourself and highlight film that is clearly of you. All this makes you more marketable for ESS members. Please make sure you spell check and input all correct statistics because they will be verified by one of our staff.

Second you will need to run through our EuroCombine process which is preformed by a local Velocity Sports Performance facility that we partnered with or another sports performance facilities. Please note: If there is no combine sites located near you, please contact us at info@eurosportsscouting.com. If there is no facility near your location we will partner with a local facility to run a EuroCombine and certify your test times. Once you have run through the combine service we will certify/verify you test results on your profile so teams can see your certified and verified times.
Next you will have a 30 min one on one with one with our staff to discuss you Personalized Marketing Strategy for placement overseas. We will discuss your playing history and recommend a Division and League that suites your personal needs and goals. Remember we represent over 800+ team in Europe and another 300+ around the globe that you can play for. This is the most important step of the process because you will need to sell your self and your ability to play to one of our Scouts or Management.

Once the one on one is completed we will administer two tests. A Background Test, this is to make sure you are not a felon and don’t have any judgments against you (ex: needing to pay back child support). Second you will need to take the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. These two test show the teams you qualify for deployment overseas.

Once these are completed you will be cleared to play. Our marketing efforts will begin. We market your profile to teams throughout the world by phone calls, personal connections, email blasts and our searchable customized database which teams and coaches have access to.

After you get contacted by a team it is very important to contact us at once. We will walk you through the negotiating process and help you with your contract, visa process and giving you the understanding what to expect once you land in country you are going to. (note: there is an additional fee for this service)

Once you made your selection we will make sure your prepared and will discuss the culture and the team dynamics.

This is why our service is the first of its kind! We spent a lot of time and money to make sure all our players are treated like a professional and not just pieces of meat like other services.

Please remember the owner Brian Pirone was just like you and wanted to play in the NFL but fell short due to speed and ability but found a great alternative to playing professionally and that was in Europe.

Good Luck and we wish you all the success in the future.