Professional football teams (which are called Club Team) throughout Europe are looking for Players who are interested in furthering their career’s overseas. There are roughly 800 + teams with over 30K+ players who compete in the (EFAF) European Federation of American Football each year. American football has been played in Europe since the early 80‘s and continues to grow and gain popularity today. Player as well as coaching contracts are being offered to individuals that poses the qualities and qualification to be an ambassador for American Football in Europe and around the world. These contracts are for those who wish to further their football playing or coaching careers beyond college or the Semi Professional Leagues here in the United States. Who says your playing days have to end after the last game of your senior season. Register Now!


The European football leagues (EFL) play during the spring and summer. The seasons begin as early as January for some countries but for most they start in early April or May. Some countries seasons end in August/September or early October depending on playoffs.

Players should expect the Competition levels to be comparable to most NCAA II and NCAA III football programs depending on the League and Country. The involvement of American players and coaches along with NFL Europe several years back has strengthened many teams beyond these levels.

Practices are held in the evening at least three to four times per week and games are played on Saturday or Sunday.

The EFL Teams are allocated up to six (5 to 6) American players per roster with only two (2) being allowed to play each down. That being said there are some leagues that limit five (5) Americans per roster but will allow three (3) to play per down.

Leagues change rules every few years to make accommodations for more exciting play and we would not be surprised if in the near future there will be 6 Americans playing each down. This will change the game in Europe forever.

*All leagues follow NCAA rules and regulations.