Pace University Alumni Goes Overseas
Interview with Joe Streany

Den 1. maj 2008 skrev Triangle Razorbacks kontrakt med 21-årige Joe Streany.Nu kan du læse om privatpersonen Joe Streany og hans oplevelser af forårssæsonen hos Triangle Razorbacks, hvor han fik sin første professionelle kontrakt.

When you first got contacted by the Razorbacks, what was your expectations to the team?

rrs_3844I expected to be wearing championship apparel in October, after we run the table.  I expected a team that was fundamentally sound, had a high scoring offense and a shut down defense.  I never had a high scoring offense, maybe a few time in high school, so that is awesome and a big help when we are fighting in the trenches on defense.  I came from a great defense in college and I expected it to be the same if not better here and statistically I believe that we are better here.  That is a great situation to be asked to come play for an already great team and make them get even better.

What was your first impression on Denmark – culture and football wise?

My first impression of Denmark was as we drove through the countryside to get to Vejle, I thought to myself oh man I am not in New York anymore.  Once in Vejle the small city was much more my speed and I was comfortable there very easy.  I also have to thank my teammates for always lending me a hand when I had questions, or needed translations, or whatever, that was a great help.  I have been to Europe before but never have I seen so many blonde haired, blue eyed people in my life, that was kind of intriguing and as I got acquainted with the surroundings I began to really enjoy the sights!!!  My first impressions of football was that I knew it was going to be different from playing back home as Denmark, and much of Europe are soccer countries but I really enjoy being with a group of guys that have such an affinity to the game that I have dedicated my life to.  That is a comforting thought and come game day that is a nice thought, to be backed by 30 other guys willing to give every bit to fight for a few inches.

What is your family like?

My family is a typical Italian family, loud big and we eat a like a small army.  They are my biggest fans and greatest supporters since I began playing sports when I was about 6.  Football was first, when I was a baby I had little booties that said football star on them and to this day they hang each Christmas on my tree.  Next, they supported me as I played and coached basketball and played collegiate Lacrosse.  I could not have been blessed with a better, more caring family that is willing to do anything to help me along with my gifts.  I’ll admit it, they spoil me a bit because I am the only boy in the entire family, and the youngest – Sometimes they call me the prince haha.

The greatest experience in your life on and off the football field.

My greatest experience on the football field was last year, my senior year at Pace.  I broke the schools single season record for tackles with 148 in 11 games – an average of 13.5 per game.  It was the culmination of my career at Pace and following that throughout the year I was commended for that achievement being recognized with plaques for being the national leader and a game ball from the day that I set the record.  Doing that along with other achievements on and off the field, including my work with make a wish foundation and being the president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee I was awarded with the highest honor given out by the University given to the student athlete who gives the largest contribution on and off the field.  That award was very special and I am honored to receive it.

If you could pick one thing from the States, that you have missed the most – what would that be?

Gatorade…I don’t leave home without it and I did, so I had to have my family rush order it to me.

Do you like Denmark? And do you like Vejle?

So far I have loved Denmark!  The Razorbacks are a tight team and that has made my stay much more pleasurable, we are always doing something social and having a good time together.  Vejle is a great little city, it has everything I could possibly need and want, movies, gym, spa and massage parlors, plenty of restaurants and lots and lots of pretty girls.  I think I need to work on my Danish a bit more though.

After arriving to Denmark, and having played the spring season, how is the level of football compared to the level you played in Pace university?

Competition in Denmark is like half of the league back home, I played in the Northeast 10 Conference – NCAA division 2, a conference split right down the middle.  There are 5 teams of guys that are just about division 1 rejects for various reasons and the other half of the league is just like playing in Denmark.  It is a very competitive conference that I played in back home and came up short a few more times than I would have like to, but it is great to be on the winning side of that battle each week.  A similar comparison I would make is that the league is similar to the higher level division 3; guys are similar in size, speed, strength and overall ability. I would say that the Razorbacks are a step above the rest as seen in the first half of the season.

What makes you sad – and what makes you happy?

Well, what makes me happy is easy – long walks on the beach at sunset, playing and watching football, RPG games for PS2 and PSP, hanging with the guys, playing pick up games of basketball and lacrosse and basically anything that is fun.  What makes me sad is when babies cry and losing football games, then I get angry!

What are your expectations to the rest of the season? Can the Razorbacks have another perfect season?

I expect the team to only get better during the rest of the year.  I expect each player to come back from the break in better shape physically and then we will work on the mental aspect when August rolls around.  I expect us to finish a perfect 12-0 and win a championship, hopefully the first one of my life.

You scored a touchdown on offense in the spring season was it fair that you had to buy beer to the rest of the team 🙂

Definitely not! Back home everyone buys the guy that scores the beers not the reverse, that is one of those Danish rules that I am never going to agree with…I will have it known that I drank one of those beers and it tasted like the nectar of the gods (as all beers do – that one was a bit more sweeter though!!!).